Hua Shengchang declared rumors of one male and four female boards, opening fell more than 5%

Hua Shengchang declared rumors of “one male and four female boards”, opening fell more than 5%
On May 24th, Hua Shengchang issued an announcement and noticed that the relevant media published the reprint of the board of directors of the listed company with the title “one man and four women”.”And other news.The article mentioned that Hou Anyang published an article in the Xiaohongquan Investment Community on May 22, 2020.Since then, some media have been reprinted, continuously speculated, fabricated, and made eye-catching titles and content, and related to the company.Relevant reports are seriously inconsistent with the facts. In order to avoid misleading investors, there are clear explanations.1. Except for the association between the chairman and vice chairman of the company disclosed in the prospectus, there is no association between the chairman of the company and the other three female directors mentioned in the above article.The relationship between the chairman and female directors spread by the above-mentioned media is inconsistent with the facts, seriously hurting the relevant scenes and their families.2. The company’s current board of directors has a total of 8 members, including 3 male directors and 5 female directors. The directors of the company were elected as directors because of their good working ability, professional knowledge background, and relevant professional experience.Since the company’s listing, it has followed the laws and regulations, relevant regulations and regulatory documents to conduct corporate governance and regulate operations, and there is no practice of corporate governance violations.In fact, on May 25th, Huashengchang still opened lower, and stopped publishing, falling by 5.80%.Editor Sun Yong