Yilong secret satire-shameful shameful hooligan hateful Xu Xiaodong responds that he only recognizes money

Yilong sarcasm: the scammer is shameful and the rogue is hateful
The most recent hot news is the non-fighting madman Xu Xiaodong and Taiji Leigong’s short 10-second battle (Xu Xiaodong KO spike Taiji Leilei video full version). Xu Xiaolong, who instantly became popular, said several times that he wanted to fight one dragon.The unstoppable Yilong also continuously updated Weibo’s response, and the latest one seems to be taunting the other party: the scammer is shameful and the rogue is hateful.  Yilong replied: The great man is for the country and the people, and you have no life with you, no complaints and no hatred, why do you have to fight someone, you have to insert your eyes and crotch.The scammers are shameful, the hooligans are hateful, and the confusion of audio-visual disruption of national culture and unity is even more hateful. but people’s eyes are bright and clear.  And Xu Xiaodong continued to provoke in the live broadcast: Yilong, I originally challenged, he ignored me, saying that you are not qualified, then I am now rudely telling everyone that my fans are now more than twice as long as Yilong.He just recognizes money. It’s very simple. If he recognizes money, I will satisfy him.Xu Xiaodong has no money. I come to crowdfunding. I come to find a suitable enterprise. Please ask a person of insight in China and an honest Chinese enterprise to contact me. The money is given to Yilong. I am less than him.延伸阅读:徐晓冬打假约战众掌门人 一龙疑回应:假的真不了一龙回应徐晓冬:中国武术不容鼠辈造次 不服来战徐晓冬最想约战5人 一龙排榜首:他吃肉+Have girlfriend