2021 Australian Open may be canceled, the current professional tennis season is suspended until July 13

The 2021 Australian Open may be cancelled The current professional tennis season is suspended until July 13
2021澳网或将被取消 目前职业网球赛季暂停至7月13日  澳大利亚网协主席、澳网赛事总监克雷格·蒂利接受澳大利亚联合通讯社采访时表示,要做好2021年澳网被取消的The worst.  At present, the professional tennis season is suspended until July 13, and the French Open held in September will continue to be postponed for a week. The US Open will decide whether to run the game normally in June.The Australian Tennis Association has also begun to prepare for the Australian Open next year.Tilly said there are currently four different plans for the Australian Open.  The worst case is that there is no Australian Open next year. The best case is to allow players to accept isolation when they come to play, while at the same time only allowing Australian local spectators to watch the game.Tilly said that the Australian Cyber Association has planned a timetable for four different scenarios, when decisions are made, who will be affected and how they will be affected.  Starting this month, parts of France, Spain, and Germany all plan to restart some performance events, but strict public health regulations will be enforced during the competition.The Australian Tennis Association also plans to launch a series of matches for domestic professional players. The players will conduct tour events according to the state border control regulations.WTA Women’s Singles World’s No. 1 Batty and ATP stars Keyegos and Millman are expected to participate, but the local star De Minar, who is far away in Spain, is restricted by international travel and is destined to be absent. (Reporter Huang Qiyuan) Original title: Only local audiences are allowed to watch the game. The Australian Open Association has made plans to cancel the 2021 Australian Open