Teach you two ways not to grow a small belly

Teach you two ways not to grow a small belly

After the madness, the abdomen was enlarged several times, and the feeling of swelling was really uncomfortable. In order to restore the better body before, I still tried to do more abdominal exercises, and the lines will appear again. Do the following exercises every day 1-2 times, the small belly will quickly disappear.

  Snake form action-please lie on your back and relax your body; turn your head to resist your chin on the mat; lean back to the body, palms of your hands facing each other, hold your fingers behind your body, stretch out straight; inhale deeply, liftThe head, shoulders, and upper body try to lift upwards, so that they stretch back hard to drive the body to the limit. The shoulders, head, try to expand upwards, raise, look above the eyes, and maintain natural and even breathing; exhale,The upper body slowly returns to the ground, the chin lightly touches the cushion, straightens up behind the body; inhales again deeply, raises the head and shoulders, the upper body tries again to raise to the upper limit to hold the breath;Slowly return to the ground, return to the body side, chin against the cushion.

  Turn your head, place any of your chest on the cushion, and relax.

  Hold for 10-15 seconds, repeat the effect 3 times -1, beautify and correct, prevent cervical spondylitis2, strengthen the wrist strength, make the arms firmer3, soften the spine, make energy abundant, can cause various back pain and spinal injuries4, Tighten the waist and abdomen muscles, beautify shorts, leg lines 5, massage internal organs, nourish kidneys and detoxify, help digestion, remove stools, adjust endocrine latch-type action -1, knees close together, kneeling on the ground, arms naturally hangWith your fingertips down and your eyes looking up.

  2. Straighten the right leg to the right, with the soles of the feet on the ground and the back of the feet straight, raise your arms, the arms parallel to the ground, and the palms down.

  3. Exhale, bend your upper torso and right arm to the right, put your right palm on your right instep, palm down, your left hand perpendicular to the ground, and look at the tip of your left finger.

  4. Continue to exhale. The left arm is lowered to the right, the left palm overlaps with the right hand, the left upper arm is against the ear, and the head is between the arms.

Hold this position, breathe 3-6 times, inhale, reset.

Do the same exercise on the other side, repeating exercise 3-6 times left and right.

  Efficacy -1, eliminate fatigue and back pain caused by nervous tension.

  2. Active spinal nerves to eliminate hip stiffness.

  3. Strengthen abdominal muscles and organs.

  4. Eliminate excess meat around the waist.