Insomnia in the elderly is treated without medication

Insomnia in the elderly is treated without medication

After getting older, some people are prone to insomnia, which manifests in various forms, such as difficulty in falling asleep, difficulty in falling asleep after awake early and short sleep.

Although you can take some tranquilizers before going to bed to force you to fall asleep, insomnia is a complicated phenomenon after all, and medication can only play a part.

What’s more, the sedatives of “Third-drug poison” are not only addictive and cause drug dependence, but also have different degrees of damage to the liver and nerves, as well as damage to memory.

So many people hope to cure without medicine.

Nutrition analysts have found that some foods have better hypnotic effects through food analysis. If they can be combined with traditional Chinese medicine syndromes, choose appropriate foods and take them regularly, which will help you to treat insomnia.

According to TCM dialectics, insomnia can be divided into various types of heart, spleen and blood deficiency, yin deficiency and fire, and internal phlegm and heat disturbance.

details as follows.

  1. Heart and spleen blood deficiency and insomnia are mostly implanted and unable to fall asleep, and fall asleep until midnight or near dawn.

This type is common and can be found in normal elderly and depression, dementia and other mental illnesses.

It is often accompanied by palpitations, forgetfulness, fatigue, fatigue, pale face, weak tongue and weak pulse.

The cause is often caused by over-thinking, improper work and rest, damage to the heart, spleen, qi and blood, leading to loss of mind.

Available 50 grams of wheat flakes (wheat rolled flat), 15 jujubes, moderate amount of rock sugar, 250ML water, fried into a bowl, 2h before bedtime.

Wheat is cold and sweet, which can nourish the heart and remove annoyance, and cause people to fall asleep.

Or use 10–15 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of glutinous rice, and fry into thin porridge. Take 2 hours before bedtime.

Longan meat is good for the heart and spleen, replenishes qi and blood, and calms the mind.

  2, Yin deficiency Huowang insomnia is mostly the end point type, wake up early, generally fall asleep easily, can not sleep after waking at midnight.

More common in cerebral arteriosclerosis and hypertension, accompanied by five heart (ie chest and hands and feet heart) irritability, or palpitations, sweating, dry tongue, dry throat, or dizziness, tinnitus, red tongue, pulse count.

Most of them are insufficiency of kidney yin, and the heart and heart are so hot that they are restless.

Available lotus seed meat, 30 grams each of lily, add water and boil for a few seconds, add sugar, once a day, 2 hours before bedtime.

Lily and lotus seeds have the effect of soothing the mind and calming the soul. If the fire is strong, the lotus seeds will cook with the heart to strengthen the fire.

You can also use walnut kernels, boiled kernels of 20 grams each, add rice to make porridge or wolfberry 20 grams, and lean soup to drink.

  3. Insomnia with phlegm-heat internal disturbance is intermittent. It wakes up immediately when sleeping and is not familiar with sleep. It wakes up when called, and may be accompanied by nightmares or nightmares.

More common in those with chronic indigestion, accompanied by upset, chest tightness, sputum, mouth pain, greasy tongue, slippery pulse.

It is more common in those who are addicted to fat, sweet and spicy. The digestive and absorption functions of the spleen and stomach are affected.

For a long time, it generates heat, which disturbs the mind and causes insomnia.

If necessary, use heat-clearing phlegm, and food to soothe the stomach.

Peel with lettuce, slice 50 grams, mash, simmer in warm clothes, once a day.

Lettuce is bitter and cold, can clear heat and reduce phlegm, soothe the nerves and calm the nerves. It has a milky white liquid in the stem fluid, which has a calming and soothing effect similar to opium without opium toxicity, so it has a good hypnotic effect.

Can also use 15-20 grams of millet, 5 grams of orange peel, porridge, add a small amount of sugar when taking, eat before bedtime.

According to modern medicinal physics research, millet has high levels of tryptophan and starch, which can trigger insulin secretion after eating, increase the tryptophan content in the brain, and play a hypnotic role.

  Dietary therapy for insomniacs, in addition to choosing food based on TCM syndrome differentiation, must be taken at noon and after dinner. The hypnotic effect of braking occurs in accordance with the time of falling asleep. At the same time, avoid irritating food, and ban strong tea and coffee.

The food mentioned above must be served long before it can work.

There are still six unsuitable sleep for the elderly, that is, it is not suitable to prone, not to worry, not to worry before going to bed, not to sleep and eat, not to sleep and talk, not to lie against the lights.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that insomnia is one of the early manifestations of many mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and depression. It is necessary to raise awareness and seek timely consultation to avoid delay in treatment.